Learning Centers
Strong network of Authorized Learning Centers (ALCs) all over Maharashtra
Network of Computer systems in learning centers, delivering eLearning content
1+ Crores
University Students
Number of students who have benefited from Educational E-Governance services on MKCL's software
Employed through MKCL's inclusive and sustainable network partner program
1.5+ Crores
Digital empowerment of common people through MS-CIT course
Affiliated Colleges
Number of colleges and study centers getting various e-services under MKCL’s Digital University Software Framework

3 Joint Ventures
Organizations imparting IT Literacy and replicating other services
₹ 477 Crores
Net worth as on 31st March 2023
₹ 178 Crores
Turnover for the FY 2022-23
MKCL World

Empowering Citizens

across three countries and learners across 174 countries

    MKCL's Presence

    • Saudi Arabia
    • Egypt
    • India

Financial Benefits to the Government

320.26 Crores
Paid To Government of Maharashtra
In last twenty-two years by way of dividend, fees and taxes as against GoM’s equity of Rs.3 Crores
269.57 Crores
Paid To Government of India
In last twenty-two years by way of taxes