Overall Responsibility in MKCL

  • Program Head and Senior General Manager, Social Business Development Program
  • Program Coordinator (Honorary), MKCL KF
  • Chairman, Library Management Team Member
  • Member MKCL Program Coordination Team

Business Responsibility

This program is expected to generate and sustain MKCL’s transformative (not reformative), entrepreneurial (not charitable) and constructive (not agitated) response to solve burning socio-economic-environmental problems of the common people.

Business Vertical No.1: Content Development

  • Sexellence Online: Video Lectures to remove myths and misconceptions around sex education.
  • Property Positioning System: A profiling test to create awareness about the status of land holding among students

Business Vertical No.2: Social Business

  • Cillage Development Program: To link high-end innovations developed by BARC for rural transformation with sustainable framework.

Business Vertical No.3: Olympiads

To focus on areas which are not part of formal education, but which needs attention from societal development point of view.

  • National Constitutional Olympiad: All India Test for promoting values imbibed in Indian Constitutional
  • Indian Cultural Olympiad: To promote core values of Indian Culture among school children.
  • Samajbhan Olympiad: To identify social intelligence among school children and nurture it.

Business Vertical No. 4: Social Support

  • Dharmakosh Project of Prajnya Pathshala Wai
  • Developing Portal of the Literature of Acharya Vinoba Bhave
  • Marathi Wikipedia
  • Vichar Vedh

Other Responsibility

  • MKCL Publicity and Public Relations

Previous Responsibility in MKCL

  • Joined MKCL on September 01, 2009
  • First Responsibility: Senior General Manager, Community Development and eEmpowerment
  • Second Responsibility: General Manager, Excellence and Talent Nurturance Program
  • Chief Executive Officer, Maharashtra Knowledge Foundation
  • Chief Operating Officer, MKCL Knowledge Foundation

Previous Experience before joining MKCL

In 1990 joined Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd as Educational Representative and was appointed as Deputy General Manager (Western and Southern India) in 2009

  • Awarded Corporate Excellence Award by McGraw-Hill Inc US in New York in June 2009. A first Indian to receive this award.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (B’ Com) University of Pune – 1987
  • Bachelor of Law (LLB) University of Pune – 1990